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In face to face consultation, patients get checked-up after asking symptoms and medical history by doctor. Thereafter, doctors suggest treatment for illness (disease). Online consultation is a platform where patient can discuss about illness (medical problem) and share reports of some investigations through telecommunication technologies. However, physical examination of the patient can not be done in online consultation. Video conferencing and pictures of affected part of the body can decrease level of limitations of online consultation. Having said that, this is clear notice for all users that, online consultation is only to provide medical assistance for NON-EMERGENCY and/or NON-LIFE-THREATENING medical conditions. This is not a substitute to face to face consultation. Diagnosis of your illness and medical advice/treatments given to you will completely depend on symptoms of your NON-EMERGENCY/NON-LIFE-THREATENING illness, medical history, your laboratories, imaging or other reports along with information provided by you and attending doctor’s discretions. Online consultation is only for adults person (age >18 years) who are mentally, physically, socially fit and capable to take decision. Age under 18 years or differently able persons need to take consent from their parent or guardian to use online consultation. At any point of time during and/or after online consultation, patients have right to decide to visit same doctor or any other doctors in the clinic for face to face consultation and further treatment. According to your illness, doctors may also suggest you to visit him or other doctors in the clinic for face to face consultation. We also declare that online consultation is not for person with mental disorder or any conditions which may result in SUICIDE or SUICIDAL THOUGHT.

Informations or any linkage (intentionally or un-intentionally) provided in this site is only a general information for educational purposes and not a substitute of medical care. You should not treat your medical problem with information provided in this site or any links provided in this site, in place of seeking medical advice from doctors by face to face or online consultation. We are not liable or responsible for information or any advice provided in linkage in this site. Information provided in this site never discourage consultation for medical or professional advice to cure your illness. Health/medical informations and recommendations of treatment for diseases keep changing time to time. Therefore, informations provided in this site or any linkage in this site should not be considered as recent or complete and should not take as a references to recommend treatment for any disorders. This site may have offensive material in the form of text, images, graphics or others (e.g. sexually explicit) unintentionally. We may not have control on this and we are not responsible for any kind of such offensive contents.